Sunday, January 31, 2010

Women drivers really aren't as good at parking as men, says a new study

Ladies, park your pride at the door. Turns out men really are better than women at steering their cars into a spot, if you believe a new study out of Germany.

At head-on, reverse and parallel parking, men outperformed women by maneuvering their cars into the middle of the space, according to the study that was reported in the Daily Telegraph. Female drivers not only didn’t do as good a job but also took an average of 20 seconds longer to park their vehicles.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Weekly Carnage

The Weekly Carnage: "

Editors' note: We're trying something new with The Weekly Carnage. Though we will continue to gather news from around the region and beyond, beginning this week the column will reflect a tighter focus on crashes and other incidents within the five boroughs. Let us know what you think of the new format.

carnage_katz_advance.jpgArthur Katz was struck and killed by an ambulette driver while crossing Henderson Avenue in New Brighton, Staten Island Wednesday. He died from his injuries. While the investigation continues, police do not expect to file charges. Photo: Staten Island Advance
Fatal Crashes (7 Killed This Week, 7 This Year, 1 Driver Charged*)
  • New Brighton, SI: Pedestrian Arthur Katz, 49, Killed by Ambulette Driver; "No Criminality Suspected" (Advance 1, 2, 3)
  • Manhattan: Unidentified Pedestrian, 77, Hit and Killed in Midtown; Truck Driver Keeps Going; No Charges (Post)
  • Lower East Side, Manhattan: School Bus Driver Runs Down Unidentified Cyclist; No Charges (Streetsblog 1, 2, 3)
  • Bensonhurst, Brooklyn: Livery Driver Kills Unidentified Pedestrian, 50; Charged With DWI, Manslaughter (News, Post)
  • Midwood, Brooklyn: Pedestrian Rosemary Pratt Killed by Forklift Operator; Cops Issue Summonses for Equipment Violations (YourNabe, WABC, News)
  • Prospect Heights, Brooklyn: Pedestrian Mary Mason, 59, Hit by Truck Driver; Driver Keeps Going; No Known Charges (News, Post 1, 2)
  • Related: Village Voice Blogger Tony Ortega Brings Levity to This Week's Suffering and Death
  • Graniteville, SI: Toddler Gina Marie Fantauzzi Dies in Three-Vehicle Collision on MLK Parkway; Investigation Ongoing (Advance 1, 2)
  • Bronx: Crash on Bruckner Expressway Service Road Claims 12-Year-Old Girl; 15-Year-Old Suspected to Have Been Behind the Wheel (City Room, Post, YourNabe)**

carnage_sijoggers_advance.jpgDaniel Kelley and Gina Siclari were hit by driver Gypsy Porfirio while jogging along Staten Island's Hylan Boulevard on Tuesday. Both were hospitalized with serious injuries; Kelley is not expected to survive. Siclari has been charged with drug possession, assault, vehicular assault, and one count each of driving while impaired and intoxicated. Photo: Staten Island Advance
Injuries, Arrests and Property Damage

  • Gothamist Newsmap: 3 Unidentified Pedestrians, Including 1 Cop, Struck Since Jan. 4 (1, 2, 3)
  • Annadale, SI: 2 Joggers Hurt, One Critically, by Drugged Driver (Advance 1, 2, Post, News)
  • Manhattan: 16-Year-Old Hit by Cab Driver in Midtown, in Critical Condition; No Charges (News, Post)
  • SI: Hit-and-Run Driver Says 73-Year-Old Parking Lot Ped "Came Out of Nowhere" (Advance)
  • Brighton Beach: Ped Seriously Hurt by Hit-and-Run Bus Driver; Unspecified Summons Issued (WINS)
  • Red Hook: Driver vs. Storefront Sparks Call for Taming of Van Brunt Street (YourNabe)
  • Whitestone, Queens: Suspected Terrorist Crashes During FBI Evasion Attempt (News, Post)
  • Brooklyn: DWI Hit-and-Run Leaves 1 Driver Hurt; Road Rage Crash Ends With Arrests (Post)
  • Bronx: Driver Injures Cops in Unmarked Car, Causes Fatal Crash Fleeing to Yonkers (Post)
  • Departmental Attorney Arrested for DWI En Route to Bloomberg Inauguration (Gothamist)
  • Nine Arrested for DWI on Staten Island Over New Year's Weekend (Advance)
  • East Village: Former Net Jayson Williams Hits Tree, Charged With DWI (City Room, WINS)
  • Midland Beach, SI: Driver Flips Mercedes on Capodanno Boulevard (Advance)

4243459458_9ed3efb111.jpgStreet Memorial Project 2009 tribute. Photo: denali2001/Flickr
Following Up

  • Safe Street Advos Mark Another Year of Pedestrian and Cyclist Fatalities (Streetsblog, YourNabe, NY1
  • Bronx Cyclist Sues NYPD After Being Hit by Cop Driving Patrol Car (News)

  • SI: Driver Gets 5-15 Years in 2007 DWI Crash That Killed Pataki Aide (Advance)

In the Region, Out of Town

  • Clifton, NJ: Empty NJ Transit Train Hits Crashed SUV; Driver Killed (Post)
  • Bucks County, PA: HS Principal Critically Injures Student Walking to School (Inquirer)
  • Scarsdale: Westchester Cop Who Injured Colleague Latest of 4 Officers in DWI Crashes (WINS)
  • Enfield, CT: Mom Charged for Leaving Kids in Cold Car Outside Tanning Salon (AP)
  • Clintonville, PA: 2 Brooklynites Killed in Crash on Icy Interstate (Post)
  • Four Dead in Ohio in Wake of Snow Storm: Does Winter Weather Kill, Or Is It Auto-Dependency? (AP)
  • California First Lady Maria Shriver a Repeat-Offending, SUV-Wielding Menace (Post)

Trends and Other News

  • New TSTC Report Puts NYC Streets Among Region's Most Deadly for Pedestrians (Streetsblog 1, 2)
  • Bronx Parents Warn of Dangerous, Illegal Driver Behavior Near Norwood School (NY1)
  • Residents Across Queens Pan DOT for Unsafe Walking Conditions (Queens Chron 1, 2)
  • Report: Keeping City Drivers at 20 MPH Curtails Casualties (New Haven SSC)
  • Vision Zero International Releases January 2010 Mag
  • Carmakers Want In on Distracted Driver Market (NYT)
  • Facebook Silent on Group That Encourages Violence Against Cyclists (CommuteOrlando)
  • Ohio DUI Wall of Shame Lists Just 96 Recidivists (Cincinnati Enq)
  • "Distracted Driving" Is Webster's 2009 Word of the Year (Active Transportation Alliance)

* Based on latest available reports
** This crash occurred in 2009 and is not reflected in the weekly or yearly fatality count.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Guy Adds Boat Tail to Car, Increases MPG by 15.1%

Guy Adds Boat Tail to Car, Increases MPG by 15.1%: "boat-tail-geo-metro.jpgImage courtesy of Wired

Darin Cosgrove has increased the fuel efficiency of his car by 15.1% by adding a homemade boat tail made from cardboard, aluminum and duct tape to the vehicle.

This isn't the first mod he'...Read the full story on TreeHugger


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Times Square Van's Parking Placard Was Stolen, Isn't A Parking Placard

Times Square Van's Parking Placard Was Stolen, Isn't A Parking Placard: "

(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

The certificate in the windshield of the illegally parked van that sat in Times Square for two days before sending the city into panic was stolen — and it doesn't have anything to do with parking, according to the nonprofit that issued the ID. Though it looks like an NYPD parking placard, a lawyer representing Detectives Crime Clinic of New Jersey and New York claims the certificate isn't supposed to carry any benefits and merely serves as a way of identifying members.

'They aren't official,'' attorney Michael Discioarro told the Associated Press. 'You're not supposed to use it to park illegally.'' He described the 'Vehicle ID Cards,' which sell for $20, as 'pretty cheesy looking.' Though Discioarro declined 'to get into characterizing what people get out of them,' he acknowledged that police complained about them a year ago, '[t]hen they forgot about it.'

The lawyer claims that George Freyre — a street vendor identified as the van's owner — had stolen the placard and does not belong to the Detectives Crime Clinic of New Jersey and New York, which exists so that law enforcement insiders can "get together and tell war stories and drink." "We filed a police report," Discioarro said. "He should be charged with possession of stolen property." Freyre has been charged with forging the date on the van's registration sticker and unlawful use of an official police card for having the phony parking placard in the Dodge's window, according to the Post.

Stolen or not, the NYPD said it might go after the group that issued the placard, according to the Daily News. 'The placards have no authorized use and are manufactured in a way to mimic law enforcement,' said Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne, who agency doesn't have the strongest record when it comes to combating fake parking placards.

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