Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Bridges Are the Worst

Our Bridges Are the Worst: "

Under the Kosciusko Bridge
While our city's bridges may be fantastic for falcons, they're unfortunately not so great when it comes to us humans. A new list, provided by the General Contractors Association, points out the worst bridges and elevated roadways right here in New York City. Drum roll please!
  • 1. Kosciusko Bridge

  • 2. Gowanus Expressway

  • 3. Bronx River Parkway over Amtrak

  • 4. Cross Bronx Expressway Viaduct over Amtrak and the Sheridan Expressway

  • 5. Bronx Terminal Viaduct Carrying the Major Deegan by Yankee Stadium

  • 6. Major Deegan Expressway over Sedgewick Avenue & Metro-North Railroad

  • 7. Bruckner Expressway Service Road Northbound

  • 8. Bruckner Boulevard Viaduct

  • 9. 150th Street Over Belt Parkway

  • 10. Major Deegan Ramp to 153rd Street/Cromwell Avenue (Southbound)
According to the president of City College of NY, “You can only run vehicles over these bridges and freeways over a period of time before the wear and tear builds up.” Here's a look at the worst bridge collapses in the past 100 years, to aid with your nightmares tonight.

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