Friday, October 23, 2009

The Weekly Carnage

The Weekly Carnage: "

The Weekly Carnage is a Friday round-up of motor vehicle mayhem
across the metro region. For more on the origins and purpose of this
column, please read About the Weekly Carnage.

carnage_yaphank_fatal_nday.JPGPhoto: Newsday
Fatal Crashes (17 Killed This Week, 227 This Year*, 22 Drivers Charged**)

  • Staten Island: Man Crushed to Death By His Own SUV (News, Advance)

  • Manhattan: LES Collision Leaves One Dead (Streetsblog)

  • Manhattan, Queens: 3 Motorcyclists Dead in Separate Crashes (AP

  • Queens: Unidentified Pedestrian Killed in Corona (Gothamist)

  • Shirley, LI: Drunk Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Pedestrian; Not Charged for Death (Newsday 1, 2)

  • Yaphank, LI: Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Ped; Tells Cops He Thought Man Was a Deer (Newsday)

  • Yaphank, LI: 1 Killed in Collision Involving Family of 911 Dispatcher (Newsday 1, 2)

  • Deer Park, LI: Elderly Man Dies After Crash Possibly Precipitated by Health Emergency (Newsday)

  • Ronkokoma, LI: Man Dies in Collision With Tractor-Trailer (Newsday)

  • Danbury, CT: Teen Killed, 3 Injured in One-Vehicle Crash (CT Post)

  • Bethany, CT: 3 Killed When Car Hits Tree (CT Post)

  • New Brunswick, NJ: 15-Year-Old Pedestrian Struck; No Charges (S-L)

  • Millburn, NJ: 19-Year-Old Dead in Single-Car Crash (S-L, The Local 1, 2)

  • Branchburg, NJ: Man Slits Own Throat, Flips Car After Police Stop (Somerset Rep)***

sgp_dirtbikes1.jpgPhoto: The Uptowner
Injuries, Arrests and Property Damage

  • Manhattan: NYPD Van Strikes Pedestrian; Post Blames Anarchic "Pedestrian Culture"

  • Manhattan: TEA Altercation Ends in Driver Arrest, Accusation of Agent Assault (Gothamist)

  • Manhattan: Dirt Bike Riders Tear Through Harlem; Cops at a Loss (Uptowner)

  • Bronx: NYPD Officer Accused of Hitting Pregnant Woman's Car, Leaving Scene (Gothamist)

  • Staten Island: Officer Injured When Hit-and-Run Driver Strikes NYPD Cruiser (Advance)

  • Eastchester: Woman Hits 15-Year-Old Girl, Leaves Her in Street (LoHud)

  • Southhold, NY: Man Picking Up His DWI Girlfriend at Police Station Arrested for DWI (LoHud)

  • Southampton, LI: Passenger Arrested for Traffic Stop Tirade (Newsday)

  • Melville, LI: Multiple-Car Crash Paralyzes LIE (Newsday)

  • Greenwich, CT: Man Hits Pedestrian, Charged With DWI (CT Post)

  • Rahway, NJ: Child Hit, Hospitalized With Head Injuries (NJLN)

  • Cranford, NJ: Unlicensed Driver Nailed for Warrants During Crosswalk Sting (Chron)

  • Paterson, NJ: Fire Truck, Car Collision Injures 2 (S-L)

Following Up

  • Manhattan: NYPD Sgt. Indicted for Critically Injuring UES Pedestrian in June (NYT, Post)

  • Manhattan: Accused DWI Mom Carmen Huertas Indicted for Fatal Crash (AP, Post)

  • Brooklyn: Al Sharpton Keeping an Eye on Andrew Kelly Case (Gothamist)

  • Staten Island: Driver Killed in Backhoe Collision Identified (Advance)

  • Daily News: People Who Block Parking Spots Deserve to Die (Streetsblog

  • Hiram Monserrate: I'm No Worse Than John Sabini (News)

  • "Law & Order" to Dramatize Taconic Wrong-Way Crash; Families Object (Post, Post)

  • Nassau Co.: Guardrail Will Be Installed After Fatal Wantagh Bike Path Crash (Newsday)

  • Bayonne, NJ: School Bus Driver Ticketed for Critically Injuring Pedestrian (Jersey Jrnl)

  • Summit, NJ: Driver Found at Fault for Ped Death; No Criminal Charges (Indy Press)

  • Elizabeth, NJ: Man Pleads Guilty in Crash That Injured Officer; Could Get 30 Years (S-L)

500x_Flipped_SUV.jpgPhoto: Jalopnik
Out of Town

  • Milo, NY: Worker Killed When Truck Driver Crashes Into Boathouse (AP)

  • Flagstaff, AZ: Hit-and-Run Road Rager Intentionally Runs Down Pedestrian (Daily Sun)

  • Skippack, PA: Pedestrian Hit, Hospitalized, Ticketed for Jaywalking (Reporter)

  • Baltimore, MD: Man Hit and Killed; Police Cite "Pedestrian Error" (Sun)

  • Portland, OR: Driver Said to Be Chasing Skater Flips SUV in Park (Jalopnik)

  • Caldwell, ID: Woman Crushed to Death By Garage Door at Paramedics Station (AP)

  • Santa Ana, CA: 75-Year-Old Gets 9 Months for Killing 89-Year-Old Ped in Grisly Parking Lot Crash (AP)

  • Los Angeles: Trial of "Dr. Road Rage" Underway (Streetsblog LA)

  • Los Angeles: "Sarah Connor Chronicles" Actor Thomas Dekker Hits Cyclist, Charged With DUI (S-L)

  • Cleveland: Browns CB Eric Wright Uninjured After Flipping Car (AP)

Trends and Other News

  • TA, TSTC to Host Vehicular Homicide Symposium, Featuring Cy Vance (Streetsblog 1, 2)

  • Daily News: Distracted Cab Drivers Are Only a Problem for Their Passengers (Streetsblog)

  • Brooklyn CB 10 Wants DOT Study of Crash-Plagued Bay Ridge Intersection (Post)

  • Will No-Nonsense Nassau DA Kathleen Rice Run for Attorney General? (Daily Politics)

  • Jon Stewart Rips CNN for Driver-Distracting Cellphone App (Zimbio)

  • Cellphone Users Too Dazed to Notice Clown Riding Unicycle (Well)

  • Hummer Drivers Get Five Times as Many Tickets as Nat'l Average (Consumer Reports)

  • Ford Recalls 4.5M Vehicles Due to Fire Risk; Crown Vics Not on the List (Consumerist)

  • Westfield, NJ, Mayoral Candidates Campaign on Safer Streets (S-L)

  • Boston Globe Continues Anti-"Jaywalking" Media Blitz 

  • San Francisco Embarks on New Ped Safety Initiative (Streetsblog SF)

  • Deaf and Blind Pedestrians Get Attention From Minnesota Transpo Officials (Star Trib)

  • In Columbia, MO, It Will Soon Be Illegal to Throw Things at People in Wheelchairs (KBIA)

  • Instead of Criminalizing Walking, Cities Should Make It Safer (Car-Free in Big D)

* Since the week of June 8
** Drivers charged for deaths since the week of June 8, based on latest available reports

*** This incident is not reflected in the "Fatal Crashes" tally

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