Friday, February 5, 2010

Firsthand look at 2010 @toyota Prius cruise control via @scobleizer

Firsthand look at 2010 @toyota Prius cruise control:
"I uploaded a YouTube video: You've heard Steve Wozniak claim that his Toyota Prius (same model as mine) accelerates on its own in a potentially dangerous way. I show how the radar system works and demonstrate that it can accelerate wildly even when it's working normally. It especially doesn't work well in tight turns, for instance, but I never feel out of control or feel that the system is dangerous. Anyway, I've put more than 12,000 miles on my new Prius so far and find the system is the best cruise control on the market -- by far -- and is safer than other types of cruise control, which can lull you to sleep. Take a ride with me as I demonstrate this new feature, which uses radar to follow the car in front of you."

This is an excellent, albeit uneasy example, of Robert Scoble's experience of the cruise control issues with the Toyota Prius cruise control. Watch the video at the link.