Friday, June 4, 2010

A NY Road Sign the DOT Forgot About

A NY Road Sign the DOT Forgot About: "

I think this is quite possibly my favorite road sign in New York:


You can find this decaying sign on Seagirt Boulevard just before you cross the bridge to Atlantic Beach in south Queens.


But the real question is: what the heck does this sign mean? You’re already in the middle of New York when you pass it; that arrow could be pointing in any direction and still be accurate! And if it’s referring to Manhattan, it’s definitely pointing in the wrong direction.


If it said Atlantic Beach or Long Beach or Nassau County or Long Island, it might make some sense…but as it stands, it’s just a simple wooden sign with an arrow pointing to “New York.” And when was the last time the DOT put up signs printed on wood??


To be totally honest, this is actually my favorite road sign in New York. Forget the silly “How sweet it is!” and “Fuggedaboutit!” signs…


“Welcome to Brooklyn: Home To Everyone From Everywhere!”

…that’s the absolute best description of Brooklyn I’ve ever heard.