Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Weekly Carnage

The Weekly Carnage: "

The Weekly Carnage is a Friday round-up of motor vehicle mayhem
across the metro region. For more on the origins and purpose of this
column, please read About the Weekly Carnage.

Fatal Crashes (21 Killed Since 11/20, 289 This Year*, 26 Drivers Charged**)

  • SI: Unlicensed Hit-and-Run Driver With History of Suspensions Kills Elderly Couple (NYT, News, Post)

  • Bronx: Unlicensed Hit-and-Run Driver Runs Down Woman in Front of Fiance (News, Post, NY1, WABC)

  • Related: Illegal Drivers Killing With Impunity; Whither Bloomberg and Kelly? (Streetsblog 1, 2)

  • Brooklyn: Woman Hit by Turning Bus Driver in Bergen Beach; No Charges (Post, NY1)

  • Brooklyn: Two-Car Collision Ends With Pedestrian, 87, Pinned to Light Pole (News, Post)

  • Manhattan: Driver Killed in Late-Night Henry Hudson Parkway Crash (Post [7th Item])

  • SI: Man Run Over by Dump Truck-Driving Co-Worker at Road Construction Site (Advance 1, 2)

  • Smithtown, LI: Girl, 11, Killed in Front of Her Mother in Hit-and-Run (WCBS, AP)

  • Hauppauge, LI: 1 Killed, 4 Injured in DWI Rollover Crash (Newsday 1, 2)

  • Huntington, LI: One 19-Year-Old Killed, 1 Injured When Driver Slams Into Parked Truck (AP)

  • Central Islip, LI: 2 Charged With DWI After Collision Kills Passenger (Newsday 1, 2)

  • Franklin Square, LI: Motorcyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run Crash (AP)

  • Ridgefield, CT: Teen Killed When Car Strikes Tree (CT Post)

  • Shelton, CT: 2 Teens Killed in When Car Strikes Tree (CT Post)

  • Oxford, CT: Driver Dies in Head-On Collision (CT Post)

  • Newark: Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Pedestrian (S-L)

  • Perth Amboy, NJ: Driver Charged With Homicide After Jumping Curb, Striking Pedestrian (S-L)

  • Toms River, NJ: Man Killed Walking on Ped-Heavy Street Known for Hazards (S-L 1,2; WBJ)

  • Toms River, NJ: 1 Killed in Rear-End Collision (S-L)

  • Linden, NJ: Man Falls From Horse Trailer on Jersey Turnpike (S-L)

  • Lebanon, NJ: Motorcyclist Rear-Ends One Car, Hit by Another (S-L 1, 2)

carnage_nys.jpgPhoto: New York Shitty
Injuries, Arrests and Property Damage

  • Queens: Another Off-Duty Cop Arrested for DWI (AP

  • Queens: Several Hurt in Middle Village School Bus Crash; CM Crowley Blames Unsafe Street (News)

  • Brooklyn: 2 Seriously Injured in Possible Williamsburg Police Chase (NY1, Post)

  • Brooklyn: SUV on Sidewalk After Greenpoint Collision (New York Shitty)

  • Brooklyn: Truck Driver Wedges Rig Under Q Tracks in Midwood (Gothamist)

  • Brooklyn: Collision With Ambulance Leaves Car on Flatlands Sidewalk (Post)

  • Brooklyn: One Hurt in Two-Car Flatlands Crash (Post)

  • Brooklyn: Cyclist Assaulted by Cop in 2008 Arrested for Damaging Car (Post)

  • Corrections Officer Presumed Dead After Fleeing Traffic Stop, Jumping Off GW Bridge (Gothamist)

  • SI: Unlicensed Driver Flees Scene After Three-Car Collision (Post [5th Item])

  • Patchogue, LI: Dad Caught Driving Drunk With 5-Year-Old Daughter in Car (News)

  • West Islip, LI: Teen Passenger Seriously Injured When Friend Hits Tree (Newsday)

  • Linden, NJ: 18-Year-Old Ped Hit, Seriously Hurt; No Charges (S-L)

  • Millville, NJ: 18-Year-Old Stuck Under Car for Nine Hours After Crash (News)

  • Lebanon, NJ: Texting 18-Year-Old Hits Pole (Hunterdon CD)

Following Up

  • Carmen Huertas Goes to Court; Victims Raising Money for Her Defense (News 1, 2)

  • Related: Post-Leandra's Law, Albany Needs to Protect All Reckless Driving Victims (Streetsblog)

  • Upgraded Charges Could Put Det. Kevin Spellman in Jail for 25 Years (City Room)

  • Manhattan: Assaulted Cyclist Ray Bengen Cleared, But Not His Alleged Assailant (Streetsblog)

  • East Meadow, LI: Manslaughter, Homicide Charges Added in Case of August DWI Ped Deaths (AP)

  • Attorney Says Taconic Crash Victim Survived Initial Impact (Newsday)

  • New Brunswick, NJ: Despite DOT Assurances, Road Where 15-Year-Old Died Still Ped Deathtrap (S-L)

carnage_woods_post.jpgTiger's route to infamy. Image: New York Post
Out of Town

  • Millville, NJ: 13-Year-Old Girl Hit, Cops Deliver Ticket to Hospital (AP)

  • Fairfield, AL: 10 Hit Outside Middle School; 9 Kids Injured, Woman Dies (AP)

  • Seattle, WA: Pedestrian Gravely Injured by Two Trying to Tow Car With Nylon Rope (Times)

  • Port Carbon, PA: Suspected DWI Woman Plows Into Daycare Center Full of Kids (WNEP)

  • San Francisco: Family of 4 Killed in Collision; Burglars Plunder Home (AP)

  • Dinwiddie, VA: Crash Kills Miley Cyrus Tour Bus Driver (AP)

  • Ventura, CA: "Pulp Fiction" Writer, DWI Killer Roger Avary Caught Tweeting From Prison (NYT)

  • Orlando, FL: Tiger Woods Charged With Careless Driving, Adultery After One-Car Crash (Post 1, 2)


  • Philly Media Unload on Cyclists After Ped Deaths; Killer Drivers, Carry On (City Room, P. Weekly)

  • Orlando, FL Officials Blame Pedestrians for Their Deplorable Mortality Rate (WESH)

  • Colorado DOT Develops BAC Estimator for iPhone (Post)

  • Beyond DC: Since We're Talking Health Care, What About 40,000 Annual Road Deaths?

* Since the week of June 8
** Drivers charged for deaths since the week of June 8, based on latest available reports

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